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It almost seems inevitable. You regularly brush and floss, but you have a cavity. Your son is playing shortstop for his Little League baseball team. He takes a line drive right in the mouth, and he loses a piece of his tooth. As you grow older, your teeth are becoming more brittle, and as you take a bite of an apple, you break off a tooth. It is time for dental restoration work.

Rely on Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA for all of your endodontist and dental restoration needs! Our expert dentists can professionally and dependably handle each member of your family’s issues, right here in our office.

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What Exactly is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration means exactly what it says; it is the process of restoring function and structure to your damaged or missing tooth or teeth.

Whether the damage has come from a cavity or from some sort of outside trauma, such as an accident, our goal with restorative dentistry is to first preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. However, replacing missing teeth or even teeth beyond repair is also part of dental restoration.

There are two different approaches to restorative dentistry, depending on your particular situation — direct and indirect dental restoration. We take the direct approach when our dentists rebuild the structure of the existing tooth. However, if that is not possible, we will take the indirect approach, where we fabricate a restorative device based on your dental impressions of your teeth.

Whether directly or indirectly, we will make your smile restored and healthy once again!

Let Us Handle Your Endodontist and Dental Restoration Issues!

Trust Abington Dental Arts for all of your endodontist and dental restoration needs, in addition to our outstanding general family dentistry! Our dentists can take care of every restoration issue you may face, right here in our office. There is no need to travel all around seeing different dental professionals.

For direct restoration, our dentists can do it all, from simple fillings to more involved root canals. They can also handle every indirect restoration technique, as well, from dental crowns and bridges to dental implants and porcelain veneers, from inlays and onlays to dentures.

We will restore your smile, expertly, efficiently, and effectively!

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From simple fillings to dental bridges and dentures, we can handle every restoration issue your family may face, with friendly, expert professionalism!

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