Outstanding Adult & Pediatric Dentistry
in Clarks Summit, PA

Abington Dental Arts Cares For All of Lackawanna County!

A happy mouth is a healthy mouth, and Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA will help you get and keep that healthy mouth through our professional and personable general family dentistry services!

Our dentists perform routine check-ups for both children and adults. We care for your entire family!

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We Provide Matchless Pediatric Dentistry

Make certain to step your child’s dental health off the right way. Bring them to Abington Dental Arts! We can handle all of your child’s pediatric dentistry needs.

We take a total care approach to your child’s dental health at Abington Dental Arts. During their two regular check-ups per year, we will power-brush their teeth and give them a professional flossing. We also take one set of oral X-rays and check for cavities, check the health of their gums, screen their overall oral health, and give them an additional fluoride rinse.

Our dentists will scrutinize what they discover while examining your child’s teeth and gums in conjunction with the X-rays, and we will give you a home plan for continued care until your child’s next appointment.

It is important for your child to have a healthy mouth, and Abington Dental Arts will always provide the most outstanding, most compassionate general family dentistry experience for them!

Our Excellent Care Extends to Adults, Too

The importance of your dental health does not end when you reach adulthood — far from it, in fact! You must be more vigilant, because as you grow older, more problems can arise.

With two regular check-ups per year, Abington Dental Arts can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums!

With your regular cleaning — where we will power brush your teeth and give you a professional flossing — we will take a set of oral X-rays, as well as check for cavities, check your gum health and give you an overall oral health screening.

Our dentists will then closely analyze the X-rays together with what we discovered during your examination. Using that information, we will create a home plan for your continued care until your next visit.

Stay in front of any dental problems that may arise with regular appointments at Abington Dental Arts! Let our dentists take care of you. We take pride in our excellent general dentistry.

Regular Check-Ups Are Vitally Important! Schedule Yours Today

Make your dental health a priority, and make your appointment today with Abington Dental Arts. Call us at (570) 586-1411 or use the provided new patient contact form!

We are particularly suited to handle every dental issue at every stage of life. From teeth whitening to Invisalign, from periodontal disease therapy to oral cancer screenings, from dental implants/porcelain veneers to cosmetic dentistry, Abington Dental Arts cares for it all.

Why travel to an orthodontist in one office, a periodontist in another, and an endodontist in even another office? We do it all, in one convenient practice.

Trust Abington Dental Arts! We will handle all of your dental needs, all of your life!

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