General Family Dentistry & Much More
in Clarks Summit, PA

General Family Dentistry & Much More
in Clarks Summit, PA

Abington Dental Arts Handles All Your Dentist Needs, All Your Life!

A great, healthy smile never goes out of style, and no matter your age, your dental health is important. However, your family, in their different stages of life, have different dental demands, and those demands necessitate different types of dental care. You take your toddler to the pediatric dentist. Your teen, in need of braces, must see the orthodontist. As you and your spouse get older, you require appointments with the periodontist or endodontist. You then have to go somewhere else for cosmetic dentistry.

What If You Could Find All Your Dental Care Needs, At Each Age, Fulfilled In One Location?

Trust your entire family’s dental care to Abington Dental Arts in Clarks Summit, PA! Our staff handles everything from general family dentistry and teeth whitening to periodontal disease therapy, oral cancer screenings and dental implants/porcelain veneers. If it concerns your mouth, it concerns us! We handle all of your and your family’s dentist needs throughout the entirety of your life, from toddlers through seniors — and every age between.

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Caring for Every Dental Issue in One Familiar Location

Abington Dental Arts is not your normal, run-of-the-mill general dentistry practice. Our dental care grows alongside you and your family’s needs throughout your entire life, as well as covering any challenges or emergencies that may arise.

We handle routine family checkups, digital X-rays, cleanings, fillings, bonds, crowns, and teeth whitening. Whether you need a dentist, a periodontist, an orthodontist, an endodontist, or even cosmetic dentistry, Abington Dental Arts offers it all — under one roof!

Throughout Your Entire Life!

We can care for toddlers beginning their dental hygiene journey, making sure to maintain cleanings and fill any cavities as they grow. When those children become teenagers and need orthodontic care, Invisalign® is one of the best options on the market today. Abington Dental Arts will continue to provide quality professional care in the same familiar setting with Invisalign®, while bringing out that straightened beautiful smile, that was there all along.

Our care continues as people get married and start families, and even as they grow older and face a whole new set of dental issues, we will still be there. From receding gums, to oral cancer screenings, to dental implants/porcelain veneers, we will handle all of your treatment in the same place where you always went for cleanings and fillings.

We are Abington Dental Arts, and we care for you, in every way possible, at every stage of life.

Let Our Family Help Your Family

Dr. Dale Collins opened what would become Abington Dental Arts in 1968 after buying the practice, then located in the Clarks Green Medical Center. In 1971, Dr. Collins — along with Dr. Vincent Coccodrilli and Dr. Stanley Goldberg — formed the Abington Dental Center and moved the practice to our current location at 242 Noble Road in Clarks Summit.

Dr. Bell and Dr. Cravath will gladly, professionally handle any issue you and your family may face, at any stage of life.

Our staff is very friendly, and we will always welcome you to your appointment in a timely and personable way. Our office is handicapped-accessible, and we offer a comfortable waiting area, complete with a children’s play area and a television.

Whether you are 5 years old or 95 years old, we will always provide you and your family with the most comfortable, safest, cleanest and friendliest environment possible for all of your dental needs.

Treating Clarks Summit and Lackawanna County

Abington Dental Arts serves Lackawanna County, including:

  • Clarks Summit
  • Clarks Green
  • South Abington Township
  • North Abington Township
  • Newton Township
  • Greenfield Township
  • Dalton
  • Fell Township
  • La Plume Township
  • Carbondale
  • Scott Township
  • Vandling
  • Taylor
  • Ransom Township
  • Scranton
  • Moosic
  • Dunmore
  • Throop
  • Jessup
  • Archbald
  • Blakely
  • Spring Brook Township
  • Clifton Township
  • Thornhurst Township
  • Covington Township
  • Madison Township
  • Mount Cobb
  • Jefferson Township

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